About Us

We have some of the best top quality gold grillz from all over the internet. You can choose from over 200+ styles. Price, quality and style matters and thats what we are known for!

Our professional team utilize the most advanced technology in our manufacturing processes to produce high quality Grillz. We make one of the highest quality in the market. You can always count on us for the best gold grillz. Quality Matters!



Shipping Policy

  • All of our orders are processed and shipped via USPS within one business day; tracking details will be sent to your email once your package has been shipped.
  • Please note: We are closed on weekends and holidays, all orders will be processed the next business day. Thank you for understanding.

For Custom Grillz Orders Policy:

  • We will refund your order within 30 days of your purchase date under these conditions:
  • The jeweler has NOT begun production of your custom grillz. 
  • All sales on custom fitted grillz are final once production has begun. 
  • If you choose to cancel your order once we ship out the mold kit, there will be a 20% cancellation fee deducted from your refund plus a $25 mold kit fee per mold kit as well. Shipping fees are non-refundable unless error on our end. If you chose to cancel your order before or after sending us back your molds, the mold kit fee plus the 20% fee deduction will still be applied. 
  • Completed custom grillz are not subject to return, due to the fact that each piece is custom made to order.
  • No refund will be given after 30 days from transaction date and only store credit will be given.


Teeth Impression Policy 

  • The customer is responsible for a good teeth mold impression.  Our grillz are custom made to exactly fit using the molds you have provided us. If we do not get a good mold impression the grillz will not fit properly.
  • Upon receiving the completed custom grill, the customer has 7 days to notify us of any issues with fitment or defects. We can make one free adjustment within this period.
  •  We try our best to make the grillz true to size, so if for any reasons you have issues, please contact us.
  • Generally if the mold is bad, we will let you know before we get started to request and suggest a better teeth mold.  We have put together very detailed instructions on making a mold, and ask that you read carefully and are patient when making the mold. If your mold will not work, you are responsible to purchase and send us another mold kit. Only 1 free mold kit comes with your order. Any additional molds that you may required are $25 at our website. 
  • If you refused to make a better teeth impression and decide not to do a remold after we emailed you and suggested a remold we will still make the grillz with the bad mold however we will not be able to guarantee our job on a good fitment. You will be responsible for any bad fitment and a remake fee may apply depending on how many teeth and style of grillz. 


Grill Production Time 

  • Once we receive your molds, production generally takes 2-4 business days. The grillz will be shipped out as soon as they are finished with tracking number sent to your email. 


Additional Policies

  • When you ship your molds back to us, please keep your tracking info. We process literally hundreds of mold kits a day. We can't dig through orders to see if we received your mold kit or to get an update about your order. Doing so will take time and delay us on production of orders.  If you keep your tracking number, the tracking number will tell you if it was delivered to us or not. 
  • We will be emailing you 1 time as soon as we get to your order to remind you it will take 2-4 days for production of your order and to also let you know we received it.
  • After 2-4 days that we received your mold we will send you a another email letting you know that your order has shipped providing you prove of shipping/tracking number.
  • You can track your package directly from the email or going to usps.com and typing your tracking number.
  • Shipping generality takes 1-5 business days depending on the type of shipping you choose.  
  • We have the right to cancel orders and refund customers money because of pricing errors (or for any other reason) even after shipping a mold kit. There is times customers are just not a candidate to grillz. If the order has to be cancel for any reason such as price errors or just not being able to be a candidate after viewing your molds, we'll fully refund your money back.
  • There's no law that requires companies to honor a price listed if that price is wrong. 

Please note : Grillz are for decorative purposes only. Do not Eat, Drink, or Smoke in them, as they can cause discoloration or even fading especially with the plated items. You must care for your Grillz just as you would care for your precious metal Necklaces, earrings or pendants.


*Please note: All sales on free or promotional items are final, there are no returns or exchanges and the above policies do not apply.*